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There goes much beyond hiring just a team. At RedLabs we tailor our projects to fit your needs. If your problem doesn’t look like a nail, we won’t try to use a hammer on it. We will work on creating a new tool for the job instead. And we will design that tool to work flawlessly.

+ RedLabs each developer is handpicked and every line of code is hand coded. Hand-coding takes longer, but it keeps things lightweight and bug-free.
+ Developing at RedLabs, we refrain from taking shortcuts and strictly adhere to industry-standard best practices. Super clean code.
+ RedLabs developers optimize performance throughout the entire development process and do not leave it to last moment 
Hiring a App Development Company solves your all issues related to the Development process. A company takes pride in providing the best solution and provide maintenance and support. Furthermore assigning dedicated experienced developers that can handle your project flawlessly is a headache not to worry about.


Time taken to develop a Website or a Mobile App depends upon the clients’ needs and requirements. On average it can take anywere from 2 months – 8 months. But what we can promise you is to deliver the project within the stipulated time frame without hesitation.
The benefits you will get are:
– Reliable Design.
– SEO Friendly Website
– Responsive Design
– Fast Loading Website
– High-Quality Website
– Online Strategies
Our company communication channel is Slack. If you are not able to connect on that platform do not worry we have dedicated account managers who will keep you up to date by having weekly/bi-weekly meetings over email/audio/video calls. We also share our bi-weekly progress through a URL during development to follow the work progress.
There are a few benefits if you choose Offshore Software Development Company for your projects.
– Reduced costs
– You will get innovation & quality.
– On-time delivery of the Project
– Full transparency of work
– Shared Responsibility
There is no one cost that fits all as there are many factors to consider when it comes to a development. Web/Mobile, Scalability, Security, Login procedures, OTP intergration, QR intergration, Hosting, Payment intergration and so much more. Our solution to this is, connect with us and share a high level overview of your requirments and we will return back to you with in 48 hours.

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