MangoB2B is a UK company which enables thousands of buyers and sellers from around the world to interact seamlessly with one another and trade goods and services hassle-free.

RedLabs Company Support

Services Used By MangoB2B

RedLabs services helps companies who want to utilize just one aspect of RedLabs to use our services. We integrate with a company’s existing team to add value and fill gaps on their teams.

Quality Assurance

A member from our team of expert Quality Assurance engineers checks the code and other products of MangoB2B for any errors and bugs. Test plans & strategies are created for the MangoB2B developer team to follow.

"We needed a competent QA tester, at affordable rates, in a timely fashion. Redlabs delivered!
As a small start-up with limited resources we can't afford to make expensive mistakes. Redlabs provided us with an experienced QA tester who was able to hit the ground running and begin contributing immediately.
It has been a great experience and one we would repeat again in a heartbeat."

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