Mindful Travels

The Company & Requirement

Mindful Travels came to us with an idea. An idea that would help people to travel & connect more. The team at RedLabs helped the Mindful team refine their idea to focus and come up with an MVP that would deliver the most value to their users.

Our team designed the app from the ground up, integrating feedback from the Mindful Travels team. Many mockups were created before development began which helped clarify the scope and improve the product before development had even started. Once the mockups were tested and optimised, two apps and a backend dashboard were built.

What We Built

The Mindful team had a set of unique requirements for the look and feel of the app and how animations and transitions should perform. We were able to achieve to achieve these requirements by pushing the technology to it's limits. The two apps were built for iOS and Android. A backend was built with a location aware database (PostGIS) for better mapping of data. The backend included a web dashboard which allowed the Mindful admin team to manage all aspects of the app

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