""RedLabs have been more than just a development agency for us. Together, we've explored expanding into new markets and are looking into entering new partnerships as a result of working together."
Janu Shan
Janu Shan
Co-Founder of PowerPal

The Company & Requirement

With the PowerPal App, find a PowerPal power bank, explore and drop it back off at any of the PowerPal stations in the city. PowerPal is a UK company which has deployed “power stations” all round cities globally, which allows users to rent powerbanks through the use of an app.

The requirements given to RedLabs were to develop the stations server which communicates with all deployed stations and manages powerbank rentals and returns. And to develop the iOS & Android App including backend which allows users to find power stations around them, rent and pay for their rentals with credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay etc. based on the given designs by the PowerPal design team.

What We Built

Given the requirements, the technology decided on to create the multi-platform apps was React Native. The backends were built using Firebase for business logic & an independent Node.js TCP server for managing all of the deployed power stations. One of the most challenging aspects of the development was integrating all of the payment methods required while adhering to the SCA standards set forth by the EU.

"RedLabs worked with us to test the platform weekly with beta users and iterated based on this feedback. This enabled us to ensure every feature developed was of value."
Isidoro Ferreiro
Co-Founder of PowerPal

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