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A community-led fun way to share basic skills and knowledge through chat audio/video calls. When you need help or to learn a basic skill i.e. Cooking, Gardening hacks or the sorts. The app connects you with helpers who already have that experience or the skill.

Made it to the top #7 teams out of 10,000 participants at Global COVIDHack2020 Hackathon

The Story

The RedLabs team decided to participate in the COVID GlobalHack 2020. Within 48 hours, we came up with an idea and executed it as an app. We ended up becoming one of the top 7 teams out of more than 10,000 total participants in total.

The Inspiration
With the current situation worldwide, being self-dependent at home has become more important than ever to know basic life skills such as cooking, electrical work to a bit more complex skills like a plumbing issue, tuition or help with your pet. Even though there's loads of guides and videos on these skills online, we found that due to a lack of interactivity, it becomes more impactful when someone guides you through real-time collaboration. So, our solution; #WalkMeThroughIt - where users can share skills to help one another.

What We Built

The app allows you to create a profile of basic life skills you know, from which you can then use to help/teach other users on the platform the skills you possess or seek assistance from other users to learn basic skills.

For example, if you don't know how to change a plug or a lightbulb, you can put in a request through the app as an electrical fix, and someone on the platform who has experience on electrical fixes can connect and walk you through the process via a chat audio/video call.

Users earn in-app coins for rating helpers and helpers get in-app coins for helping users. Which can then be redeemed for gifts on the in-app gift store.

We believe this is a fun way to pick up new skills around the house and get better at the skills you have by teaching others.

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