Our team will work with you to understand your vision, business objetives and pain points. From just rough ideas to fully fleshed out concepts, we’ll walk through it all with you.

Before writing any code, our team figures out what the best architecture for your product would be and selects a suitable stack of technologies. We then assign specialists in each technology to work on those areas.

We operate on agile-based development sprints that result in regular incremental builds, which will allow you to always review what we’re building. We hate nasty surprises just as much as you do.

QA & Testing

We run quality assurance tests on every incremental build, so that your product remains relatively bug free from the start.  Any persistent bugs are squashed in the final rounds of QA and testing done by us.

Delivery Launch

When the product is ready for the public, we launch it to the relevant stores or deploy it for your enterprise. Our team does everything from making sure your websites are live to making sure your app gets through AppStore reviews.
Deliverable - Regular builds, final build and codebase

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